We use a PCI DSS security standard, SSL, security systems Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

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Additional protection
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MasterCard SecureCode

Additional protection when making payments from MasterCard bank cards.

Verified by Visa

Additional payment protection technology developed by Visa payment system.

SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)

A cryptographic transport mechanism that ensures the security of data transmission.


is an international security standard developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. It represents 12 requirements for the construction and maintenance of secure systems and is accepted by the largest international payment systems. is tested annually for compliance with the PCI DSS standard.

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Basic security rules for merchants

The main precautions that the user should keep in mind,
similar to the rules for using any financial instrument.


The main thing to remember is a strong password. It consists of at least 6 characters and contains both letters and numbers.

Do not use your phone number, date of birth, passport number or other digit combinations directly related to you as a password.

Don't write down the password. Even if it is difficult to remember it (especially a long and complex password), it is important for the security of your business.


Antivirus will protect you from password theft from Don't forget to update it in time.


Phishing  is a type of fraud in which criminals pretend to be a Bank or payment system you use.

It works like this: they send you a letter in which they offer to follow the link and enter a password or other data. It may look like a link to a site you are familiar with. The message may contain "information" about account blocking, money transfer or cash prize. After receiving such a letter, be careful!

If you have received a suspicious link, please let us know at [email protected] or go and paste the link into a special form on the website.

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