Public offer to conclude an agreement on the use of Tegro.Money service

Last modified on January 14, 2022

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Agreement - Agreement on the use of the Tegro.Money Service.

1.2. Tegro.Money service is a technology platform that provides reception, processing and implementation of non-cash online payments with the assistance of Payment Partners, as well as containing statistical information on incoming, outgoing transactions and balance.

1.3. Client's personal account - personalized interface on the website /, created for the Client after completing the registration procedure, which contains information about the Client's account balance, the history of its transactions and other data.

1.4. Website - /.

1.5. Website - the Client's Internet resource on which is used/plans the online system is used payments via the Tegro.Money Service.

1.6. Anti-money laundering legislation

1.7. Registration - the procedure for filling out a form containing personal data The Client and information about the Website for which it is necessary to configure the acceptance of online payments.

1.8. Chargebacks - transactions for which a refund is requested cash in view of return of the goods, refusal of the service or for other reasons.

1.9. Payment Partners - financial organizations entitled to making money transfers and related other payment transactions.

2. General provisions

2.1. This Agreement is an official offer (Public Offer) Tegro.Money

2.2. Any natural person who has full legal and legal capacity, as well as any legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the "Client"), after completing the registration procedure on the website / and putting ☑ in the block"I have read and agree to the terms of the public offer on the use of the Service Tegro.Money" (hereinafter referred to as "Acceptance of the Offer"), expresses unconditional agreement with all the conditions set out in this Agreement, and becomes the Client.

2.3. This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Client and Tegro.Money by organization of the technical possibility of accepting payments in favor of the Client, as well as for the execution of the Client's orders to make payments.

2.4. In accordance with this Agreement, the Client transfers To the Payment Partner of the NGO (clause 1.10 of the Agreement), the following personal data:

  • last name, first name, patronymic;
  • date of birth;
  • passport data;
  • IIN.

2.5. Tegro.Money does not take possession of funds subject to transfer in favor of the Client.

2.6. Acceptance of the Offer is complete and unconditional and means the Client's consent with all without exceptions and additions to the terms of the Agreement, and also indicates that the Client understands the meaning of his actions, all the terms of the Agreement are clear to him, the Client is not under the influence delusions, deception, violence, threats, etc.

2.7. The Client agrees that Tegro.Money may change the content and conditions Agreements unilaterally and at any time. Such changes come into force from the moment they are published on the website Tegro.Money notifies the Client of changes to this Agreement in any way, including, but not limited to, by posting such a notice on the Website and/or in your Personal Account The Client, and/or by sending a notification to the Client's email.

3. Client Registration

3.1. To gain access to the use of the Tegro.Money Service, the Client must pass registration procedure consisting in filling in personal data in the registration form on the website

3.2. After entering personal data, the Client undertakes to fill in information about The website for which it is necessary to configure the acceptance of online payments, and confirm ownership of the data A website via a txt file or meta tag.

3.3. The procedure for collecting, storing, processing and deleting personal data, provided by the Client during the registration process, is carried out in accordance with Personal Data Processing Policy.

3.4. Upon completion of the registration process, the Client receives a login (Login name) and Password to access your Personal Account, which allows you to view the account status, transaction history and add new projects for integration with the Tegro.Money Service.

3.5. The Client is responsible for the security of his login and password, as well as for all actions that will be carried out under the login and password of the Client.

3.6. The right to use the Tegro.Money Service arises only after completion checks information provided by the Client.

3.7. Tegro.Money reserves the right to refuse to grant the right to the Client using the Tegro.Money Service without explanation.

4. Subject of the agreement

4.1. Tegro.Money under this Agreement undertakes to provide the Client with services for organization of acceptance and transfer of payments in favor of the Client and third parties through a network of Payment Partners, as well as configuration and integration of technical solutions for the organization of payment acceptance on the Client's Website is in order and on the terms agreed by the Parties in the Client's Personal Account.

4.2. The Client undertakes to pay the commission for the provision of the services specified in clause 4.1. of this Agreement, in the manner and on the terms specified in section 6 of this Agreement, in the section "Tariffs" on the website (the approximate values are indicated in the "Tariffs" section), as well as in the Client's Personal Account.

4.3. By initiating the payment of funds using the Tegro.Money Service, the Client authorizes Tegro.Money for making a payment through a network of Payment Partners in favor of the specified by the Client third parties - recipients of the payment.

4.4. The amount of funds allocated for payment is blocked until completion payment or cancellation by the Client of the corresponding payment order.

4.5. By receiving funds through the Tegro.Money Service, the Client authorizes Tegro.Money for depositing the received funds on shared accounts until the moment of sending the corresponding payment orders.

4.6. Tegro.Money has the right to block any spending transactions from the Client's Personal Account:

  • a) upon presentation of an enforcement document by a court decision, tax authority or other authorized state body in relation to the Client;

  • b) if there is a court or state body decision that has entered into legal force with the demand for the imposition of arrest;

  • c) if it is assumed that the funds to be paid to the Client are intended for to commit a crime or to finance terrorism;

  • d) if there are suspicions that the funds received by the Client are related to illegal activity or may be qualified as a suspicious transaction in in accordance with the anti-money laundering legislation;

  • e) if there is a suspicion of an unauthorized transaction through a Personal Account Client's cabinet.

4.7. Tegro.Money has the right to completely block the Client's funds, i.e. not to make payments to the Client, for up to 180 days inclusive, in order to compensate for the refund of funds to third parties, in case Tegro.Money is detected:

  • a) the fact of deception and/or misleading of third parties, including persons using the Client's services,

  • b) if Tegro.Money receives a notification from an electronic money transfer operator, including from a bank credit institution, about the withholding of funds in connection with the adoption of a positive decision on chargeback,

  • c) in case of receipt of a request from an e-money transfer operator, including from a bank credit institution, for the provision of information and/or documents on a protested transaction (a card transaction in respect of which an e-money transfer operator, including a bank credit institution, or a payer initiated claim work in accordance with the rules of international payment systems, within the framework of Chargeback, BP, Second chargeback, Pre-arbitration, Arbitration, Pre-compliance, Compliance and other claims works).

4.8. If Tegro.Money receives a notification from an electronic money transfer operator, including from a bank credit institution, about the withholding of funds in connection with the adoption of a positive decision on chargeback, Tegro.Money also has the right, at its discretion, to withhold such funds in the amount specified by the e-money transfer operator, as well as to make deduction of the due remuneration of Tegro.Money, according to its tariffs, without full blocking of funds, i.e. the remaining payments to the Client are made.

4.9. Tegro.Money has the right to set and change (increase, decrease) unilaterally restrictions (limits) on making payment transactions using the Service Tegro.Money. Tegro.Money also has the right to divide the requested payment into several payments for technical reasons and/or at the insistence of the Payment Partners. Tegro.Money also has the right to set and change (increase, decrease) unilaterally restrictions (limits) on accepting payments using the Tegro.Money Service.

4.10. Tegro.Money is not responsible for possible losses of the Client in the event of suspensions operations for the reasons specified in paragraphs 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 of this Agreement.

5. Guarantees and assurances about the circumstances

5.1. The client guarantees that:

  • a) prior to the conclusion of this Agreement, he has read all its terms and conditions, understands the content and meaning of its terms and accepts them unconditionally;

  • b) The website provided by the Client for the organization of payment acceptance belongs to To the client;

  • c) the goods/services offered by the Client for sale on the Website correspond to the requirements of the legislation of its location and do not apply, in particular, to the following categories of goods/services:

    • pornographic products or services of an erotic nature;

    • products displaying or promoting child pornography or other sexual practices that match the characteristics of pornography;

    • distribution of drugs, psychotropic substances or poisons;

    • sale of prescription drugs;

    • sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;

    • the sale of goods or the offer of services through which can occur encouragement of criminal activity;

    • products or services promoting religious networks;

    • other goods or services, as well as actions or omissions prohibited regulatory legal acts, rules of the IPU (Rules of International Payment Systems), as well as those, which may damage the reputation of Tegro.Money, its Payment Partners or other third parties.

    • The Client undertakes to accept payments only from the Website specified by him during Registration, and not to perform domain substitution.

  • In case of revealing the fact of the Client's sale of the above-mentioned goods/services, the commission of due to the above actions/omissions, Tegro.Money has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately in unilaterally and collect a fine of 10,000 euros from the Client for each case violations. The amount of the fine can be recovered from the funds held by Tegro.Money to ensure Chargebacks, and can also be deducted from funds in the Client's Personal Account.

  • d) the personal data provided during registration is complete and reliable;

  • e) complies with all legal requirements related to registration business activity and payment of all applicable taxes and payments.

5.2. Tegro.Money guarantees that:

  • a) is an active legal entity, is not in a state of liquidation and/or bankruptcy;

  • b) has a valid license required to provide the services provided by by this Agreement;

  • c) has sufficient technical and human resources to implement integration The Client's website with the Tegro.Money Service.

6. Tegro.Money commission

6.1. Tegro.Money is entitled to receive a commission for using the Tegro.Money Service for each a transaction made through the Tegro.Money Service, as well as for making payments to the Client. Size the commission is negotiated depending on the Client's turnover and the average transaction amount for a certain period period, the amount of the commission may change during the term of the Agreement.

6.2. Tegro.Money gets the right to withhold the commission only after the transaction has received the status is "Approved" or "Not completed".

6.2.1. The status "Approved" means that the payment for the goods/services on the Client's Website was successful.

6.2.2. The status "Not completed" means that the payment for the goods/services on the Client's Website has been completed successfully, but when notifying the Client platform, Tegro.Money received an error in response, i.e. the Client could not record the fact of payment.

6.3. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Client agrees that Tegro.Money has the right to unilaterally withhold the commission amount due to him due to the received payments in the Client's address, as well as at the expense of payments to the Client made from the Personal Account.

6.4. Tegro.Money can perform any currency conversion necessary for the provision of services and making money transfers or settlements with the Client in the settlement currency. Tegro.Money converts the corresponding transaction amount in the currency of the transfer or settlement at the rate and spread, which Tegro.Money determines in its own way discretion, acting reasonably.

6.5. The Client acknowledges and agrees that in order to carry out any currency conversion, Tegro.Money may involve a third-party provider.

6.6. Tegro.Money reserves the right, in some reasonable cases, to request from the Client before to start using the Tegro.Money Service, make a certain deposit through your Personal Account.

6.7. The deposit specified in clause 6.6. of this Agreement is blocked to ensure proper fulfillment by the Client of obligations under this Agreement and is subject to refund after termination of this Agreement Agreements in the absence of financial claims from Tegro.Money to the Client.

7. Rights and obligations of the client

7.1. The Client undertakes to:

  • a) not to use the Tegro.Money Service for illegal purposes, as well as for purposes other than specified in this Agreement;

  • b) do not use anonymization tools (sox servers) when working with the Tegro.Money Service, proxy servers, distributed anonymous networks like "tor", etc.);

  • c) provide reliable data during the registration procedure;

  • d) promptly inform Tegro.Money about any changes in personal data;

  • e) at the request of Tegro.Money to provide all necessary documents and information that related to making payments when using the Tegro.Money Service;

  • f) provide Tegro.Money with information and documents confirming the source upon request the origin of the funds, as well as the basis for the payment operation cash;

  • g) obtain any necessary permits from their buyers for the necessary transfer information within the framework of the services offered by Tegro.Money. The seller is responsible for the collection, comparison, storage, processing and transfer of information about their customers (in particular, personal data) in Tegro.Money. The client is independently responsible to the buyers for compliance with the requirements legislation on the protection of personal data, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation);

  • h) inform its customers that its services/goods are paid for through the Service Tegro.Money. If the Buyer or the Payment Partner makes claims against Tegro.Money arising in due to the payment relationship, the Client is obliged to release Tegro.Money from all claims or requirements from buyers and/or Payment Partners and to compensate all possible losses of Tegro.Money;

  • i) manage passwords and login data in a secure and confidential manner way. The Client is not allowed to disclose such information or provide it to third parties. If passwords or Personal Account login data are used by unauthorized persons, the Client bears full responsibility for any possible losses;

  • j) provide the following data to the buyers on the Website:

    • Detailed description of the goods or services offered through the Website;

    • Data that can reliably identify the Client, including tax Number, name, address, etc. (upon request of Tegro.Money);

    • Conditions for the return of goods / refusal of services in accordance with the law;

    • Information about the address of the Client's location (upon request of Tegro.Money);

    • Information about the presence of any restrictions for making purchases (for example, age restrictions);

    • Terms of delivery of goods or services;

    • Personal Data Processing Policy.

7.2. The Client has the right to:

  • a) The Client has the right to make payments by the methods agreed by the Parties in the Personal accounts that may change from time to time due to the expansion of the network of Payment Partners;

  • b) In case of disagreement with the amendment of this Agreement in accordance with clause 2.6. of this Agreement, the Client has the right within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of the publication of a new version of the Agreement unilaterally refuse to execute the Agreement by transfer of the relevant application to Tegro.Money. In case of non-receipt of Tegro.Money written notifications from the Client about the unilateral refusal to execute the Agreement within the period established by this point, as well as the Client performing any operations using the Personal Account in during the specified period, the Client is considered to have agreed to the changes in the terms of this agreement. Agreements.

  • c) The Client has the right to cancel the Agreement at any time by sending the corresponding notification of Tegro.Money.

8. Rights and obligations of Tegro.Money

8.1. Tegro.Money undertakes to:

  • a) take measures to prevent unauthorized access of other persons to Personal cabinet The client;

  • b) keep secret about transactions using the Tegro.Money Service and information about the Client. References to other persons on transactions using the Tegro.Money Service and information about the Client may be provided without the consent of the Client in cases provided for by law;

  • c) take all possible measures to ensure that the Tegro.Money Service is provided uninterrupted and without mistakes;

  • d) use the Client's personal data specified during registration solely for the purposes provided for in this Agreement and exclude the dissemination of such data, except in cases where the provision of such information is subject to the requirements of the current legislation. legislation.

8.2. Tegro.Money has the right:

  • a) not to execute the Client's orders for which the documents necessary for recording of information provided for by legislation in the field of counteraction money laundering, before the Client provides the documents requested by Tegro.Money;

  • b) request additional information and documents about transactions from the Client, including confirming the source of origin of funds, the basis of transactions, and also information and documents allowing to identify the beneficiaries, in accordance with legislation;

  • c) to establish and change (increase, decrease) unilaterally restrictions (limits) on payment transactions using the Tegro.Money Service, divide the requested payment into several payments for technical reasons and/or at the insistence of Payment Partners;

  • d) modify the interfaces and software used when the Client interacts with the Tegro.Money Service;

  • e) suspend the operation of software and/or hardware that ensure the technical interaction of the Client with the Tegro.Money Service, if significant malfunctions, errors and failures are detected, as well as for the purpose of preventive maintenance and prevention of cases unauthorized access;

  • f) process any personal data in any way for the purpose of fulfilling the Agreement Provided by the Client personally or through third parties at the conclusion of the Agreement, or in period of validity of the Agreement;

  • g) edit and modify the personal data specified by the Client, as well as the data of their documents on behalf of the Client or on his behalf, expressed orally or through electronic channels communications;

  • h) at its discretion, send advertising notices to the Client, if available the corresponding consent of the Client to receive them. The Client has the right to refuse to receive such notifications by sending a corresponding notification to Tegro.Money following instructions specified in Tegro.Money notifications, or using the Client's Personal Account;

  • i) has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute the Agreement, including on on the grounds provided for by the legislation in the field of countering money laundering.

  • j) block an inactive Client account in the following order:

    • if there have been no payments for the Client's project for the last 90 days, then Tegro.Money has the right to assign such a Client's project the status "In the archive" (payment acceptance will not be carried out), having previously notified him 7 (seven) in advance calendar days.

    • if all the Client's projects are in the "Archived" status (payment acceptance impossible), as well as there have been no payments for the last 180 days, then Tegro.Money has the right block the Client's account by notifying him 7 (seven) calendar days in advance. If the Client after the expiration of this period wants to to restore access to his account, he will need to go through a second identification.

9. Responsibility

9.1. The Parties are responsible for the improper performance of their duties in accordance with the legislation and the terms of this Agreement.

9.2. Tegro.Money provides the Customer with the Tegro.Money Service "as is" without providing any guarantees suitability for a specific purpose and/or achievement of the Client's goals. Tegro.Money does not guarantee, that the services provided are complete, accurate, reliable or secure, comply with of a certain quality, suitable for the Client's activities, devices, operating systems, browsers, software or Client tools, and are also compatible with them.

9.3. Tegro.Money is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client or third parties due to violations by the Client of the terms of this Agreement.

9.4. Tegro.Money is not responsible if information about transactions using the Tegro.Money Service will become known to third parties as a result of listening or intercepting communication channels during their usage.

9.5. Tegro.Money does not guarantee the safety of the Tegro.Money Service from the commission of illegal actions by third parties actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Tegro.Money Service, destruction information security of the Service, etc., and cannot be held responsible for these actions of third parties and the consequences of these actions.

9.6. Tegro.Money is not responsible for any failures in hardware or software software (including computer viruses), in telephone or other communications, as well as failures caused by which are internet service providers.

9.7. Under no circumstances is Tegro.Money responsible for actions or omissions a third party (for example, a telecommunications provider, computer equipment or software) or for damage caused as a result of any circumstances beyond the control of Tegro.Money (for example, fire, flood or another natural disaster, war, riot, strike, equipment failure, computer virus or failures in electrical, telecommunication networks or other services).

9.8. Electronic payment systems (Payment Partners) selected by the Client for making payments, they are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them by the Client, Tegro.Money is not a party to the agreement between the electronic payment system and its user and in no case bears liability for improper or improper use of the relevant system, as well as for abusing the functionality of this system. Mutual rights and obligations of the Client and the system electronic payments are governed by the rules and agreements adopted in the relevant system.

9.9. Integration of the Tegro.Money Service with the Client's software and hardware and tools it is carried out at the expense of the Client, and Tegro.Money is not responsible for possible costs associated with the conduct such integration.

9.10. Are not considered non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by Tegro.Money of its obligations under this Agreement. Agreement interruptions or inability to access the Tegro.Money Service caused by: unlawful actions of the Client or third parties aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Service and its information security, service failures.

9.11. The Client is aware that the authorization of customer payments through the Tegro.Money Service is carried out in in accordance with the conditions set by Tegro.Money Payment Partners. Tegro.Money is not responsible for authorization of these payments. Tegro.Money is also not responsible for hacking or phishing in systems Partners.

9.12. Tegro.Money's obligations under the Agreement are limited to the provision of services related to organization of receiving funds on the Client's Website and subsequent organization of payments via the network Payment Partners according to the Client's orders. Tegro.Money is not a party to the transaction concluded between The client and the recipient of the transfer, and respectively Tegro.Money:

  • a) does not regulate and does not control the compliance of the transaction with the requirements of the law and other legal acts, its conditions, as well as the fact and consequences of the conclusion, execution and termination of the transaction, including including in terms of the refund of payment for such a transaction;

  • b) does not consider the Client's claims concerning non-fulfillment (improper fulfillment) by the recipient of funds of his obligations under the transaction;

  • c) does not consider claims of buyers of the Client's goods/services regarding non-fulfillment (improper performance) by the Client of its obligations under the transaction with the buyer.

9.13. The party that has allowed the non-fulfillment of its obligations under the Agreement may be released from liability for such non-fulfillment if it proves that the non-fulfillment of obligations was the result of force majeure (adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, wars, military operations of any nature, blockades, as well as significant legislative changes that make the execution of this Agreement is impossible).

9.14. Tegro.Money is not responsible in case of improper use of the API (Application programming interface; software interface of the Service) by the Client. In particular, transactions and/or payments are considered successful only when Tegro.Money clearly gives a positive answer. Transactions and/or payouts are considered unsuccessful only when Tegro.Money clearly gives a negative answer. In any other situations (for example, incorrect format, timeout (the operation is temporarily impossible)) - transactions and payments are in an uncertain status. If the Client independently accepts decision on the success/failure of the transaction and/or payment in the presence of an uncertain status, the Client is responsible for such a decision.

10. Chargebacks

10.1. If the Customer for any reason returns the payment that was paid by the buyer via Tegro.Money Service, the Client is obliged to return this payment through the Tegro.Money Service exclusively by crediting to the credit card that the buyer used to pay for goods or services.

10.2. Chargebacks cannot exceed 1% of the total amount processed payments in favor of the Client through the Tegro.Money Service within 1 (one) month.

10.3. If the number of chargebacks exceeds the value specified in clause 10.2. of this Agreement, Tegro.Money has the right to immediately terminate this Agreement with the Client and withhold a fine in the amount of the entire balance of the reserves of withheld payments for making refunds, but not less than 10,000 euros. If the amount of reserves is less than 10,000 euros, then Tegro.Money has the right to present a demand to the Client for the payment of a fine up to the specified amount.

10.4. Tegro.Money during the validity period of this Agreement has the right at its sole discretion determine the amount of retention and the period that will be deemed necessary as security against future chargebacks.

10.5. The retention amount (percentage of the total amount of transactions) and the retention period are determined after verification of Tegro.Money registration data entered by the Client, the nature of his activities and the URL of the Website, for which the possibility of accepting online payments through the Tegro.Money Service will be organized.

11. Privacy and personal data

11.1. The Parties undertake not to disclose and not to allow the disclosure of information obtained during execution of this Agreement, to third parties without the written permission of the second Party.

11.2. The confidentiality obligations provided for in this Agreement remain in force both during the entire term of the Agreement and after its termination, unless otherwise established by agreement of the Parties.

11.3. Tegro.Money receives and processes the data received from the Client solely for the performance of its obligations under this Agreement and to ensure communication with the Client. Tegro.Money undertakes not to transfer to third parties the data received from the Client, including information about the performed payments, without his consent, except in cases provided for by law.

11.4. Tegro.Money undertakes, taking into account the technical possibility, to take measures to ensure the safety of the Client's data received by him as part of the execution of this Agreement, and the prevention of unauthorized access to them by third parties.

11.5. By submitting their personal data, the Client agrees to their processing within the framework of this Agreements in accordance with Personal Data Processing Policy.

11.6. The processing of personal data means any action (operation) or combination of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without the use of such funds with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change) extraction, use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction personal data.

11.7. Tegro.Money has the right to use the "cookies" technology. Learn more about the types of collected cookie files and the order of their use can be in Personal Data Processing Policy.

11.8. The Client has the right to contact Tegro.Money at any time with a request to delete personal data. data, as well as for the exercise of other rights in accordance with the rules established in Personal Data Processing Policy.

11.9. The Client undertakes to keep the password of access to the Personal Account secret, as well as to accept all necessary measures for the security and protection of information.

11.10. If the password for access to the Personal Account is lost, the Client can request sending a new password to the email address specified during registration.

12. Dispute resolution procedure. Applicable law

12.1. In case of any disputes or disagreements arising from this Agreement or related to it, the Parties will make every effort to resolve them through negotiations. If The parties will not settle the differences that have arisen through negotiations within 30 (thirty) calendar days, the dispute is transferred for final resolution to the competent court at the location of Tegro.Money.

12.2. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable legislation. To the relations of the Parties under the Agreement, as well as on issues not settled or not fully regulated by this Agreement.

13. Final provisions

13.1. Recognition of any provision of this Agreement as invalid/unenforceable and its cancellation should not affect the rest of its provisions, and such invalid/unenforceable provision to be replaced by a valid/enforceable and legally significant provision, as close as possible to its economic content, meaning and effect to the original intentions of the Parties that existed at the conclusion of this Agreement.

13.2. This Agreement is concluded in electronic form and does not require written registration and signed by the Parties.

13.3. The Client may request a copy of the current offer or any other document related to it attitude by contacting the Tegro.Money support service at the email address [email protected] from the e-mail address through which the personal account was registered at /